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Hair styling donut shaper, hair bun maker

IBEET Bun Hair Maker, Magic Hair Styling Donut Bun Maker, Hair Bun Shapers for Women Girls DIY Hairstyle Tools, 2 Pack

Hair Bun Donut Maker

Hair Bun Donut Maker


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About the product
Easy to Use – No pins, No Grips, No Clips, No Hassle. It can be bended and twisted arbitrarily for Dutts, Bun-Ring, Bun-Cuff. It takes a few minutes to make an easy and elegant hairstyle by yourself
Durable and Reusable – It would not break however you roll or twist. High-quality hair band will not damage your hair. You will not get headache from too tight buns any more. Make your bun stays for all day long
Typical Use – Perfect for all ages. Keep the hair away from your face or sweaty neck in summer. Keep your hair tidy and elegant all day
Save Time – It is a perfect helper for people who want a beautiful hairstyle spending a little Time – Especially for dancers, White-collar workers, teachers who are busy
Fashion Style – Make a cute and elegant hairstyle which is suitable for school, work, casual events, wedding, birthday, party, flight crew, dancers, yoga, running, bridesmaids and so on.

Speaking of graceful and versatile hairstyles, buns always hold a place on top of the list. This quick and trouble-free Fan Bun that looks simply amazing has always been around, and makes it so easy to have the styling of your dreams.

There’s something about a bun hairstyle that is simply gorgeous, adding an unspoken amount of elegance to any woman it adorns- not to mention buns are one of the hottest hairstyles of this year.

A bun hairstyle might look complicated, but it’s actually quite simple to achieve. With the IBEET Bun Hair Maker,making a bun should be easy. It may take a little practice but your hair will be bun-ready in no time.The steps as below:

Step 1: Make a ponytail, gather the hair into a ponytail and fasten with a hair elastic.

Step 2: Put the bun hair maker at the base of the ponytail, Wrap around the hair band with a little hair tail.

Step 3: Hold both ends of the bun hair maker and roll hair up gently. keep it tightly gathered.

Step 4: Roll hair up until against head. If available, position a couple of mirrors to help verify coverage. Otherwise, use your fingertips to feel whether any bare spots are left.

Step 5: Bend both ends of hair band down until they meet. Slide hair to cover ends.

Step 6: Fix and Adorn your bun hair as you like. Such as a jeweled hairclip, bow-knot or bridal veil.

Our bun hair maker is easy and comfortable to use. No need pins or clips, you could make a cute bun hair within a few minutes.

It could be bended randomly as you like. You could create a favorite bun, looks natural and charming. Just like Dutts, Bun-Ring, Bun-Cuff, any hairstyles is ok.

Perfect for school, work, casual events, wedding, birthday, party, flight crew, dancers, bridesmaids, yoga, running, and so on.

It could save time and energy for who people are busy, such as dancers, teachers and housewife.